Welcome to Bake My Day!

Our Mission

To showcase the seasonal bounty of WNC farmers by masterfully creating culinary experiences while cultivating a connection between farm and family.

Rachel Arenas

Bake My Day Asheville started through Rachel's love of hospitality and desire to fill the need as a personal chef to those both living and vacationing in Ashevile! She teamed up with partner Cody after meeting and working with him at the Biltmore Estate 3 years ago and collectively they have close to 20 years of restaurant experience. Rachel has an extensive background in baking and pastry, having done everything from plated desserts to bread to wedding cakes while Cody has worked his way up the ranks in restaurants around Asheville for the past 5 years. He hopes to incorporate his web technology and photography skills into the restaurant industry, using photography and website development to promote the local food scene. At the end of the day, their goal is to conscientiously prepare wholesome meals and sweet confections sourced from local farmers, growers, and purveyors for clients while preserving the beauty of the origin of the product.

Cody Mogensen